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by James Kingman

Smile - Neon yellow

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Back in ‘Lockdown 1’ during my single daily walk allowance (it’s still crazy to think that actually happened), it dawned on me as I passed someone on their regulated outing that I might be the only person they see today or maybe even longer. It was at that point the importance of a simple smile became apparent, not just as a casual greeting but as a means to pass on happiness when times were bleak. If my face was going to be the only face someone sees, then it’ll be a face that smiles at them - and smiles are infectious - the good kind of infectious. 

Art info

  • 360 x 510 mm
  • 2 Colour screenprint with each smile being applied by hand with a white acrylic pen making every print unique
  • Signed and numbered edition of 8

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£10.00 Worldwide

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