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by James Kingman

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

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'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' is easily one of my favourite sci-fi books - possibly my favourite book. What makes this story so compelling is the philosophical components. Religion, technology, life, death, desires, manipulation, slavery and social structures - this story has it all and really digs into those themes, shining a light on the world we live in today. As we strive for greater technology and advancements in AI, it's a matter of time before the subject of 'what is life' will have to be debated, and if something is deemed to have life, does it have the right to freedom? That's the quandary I wanted to depict in my art.

Art info

  • 420 x 297 mm
  • Printed on South Bank Course 310 gsm
  • 3 Colour screenprint
  • Signed, numbered, dated, embossed
  • Edition of 30

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