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The Art of Hand-Finished Screen Printing: A Personal Touch for Your Space

I've always felt that art should do more than just catch your eye – it should be something you can feel, something that tells a story. That's why I'm here to chat with you about how much I love hand-finished screen printing.

It’s not just a technique; or an aesthetic, it’s like adding a bit of soul to each piece. Every touch is personal and is a way of getting a connection to the artist without having to spend thousands on an original. These touches could be a splash of extra colour, a bit of unexpected texture, or some fine details that make each piece stand out. It’s like each print gets its own little character, a unique touch that makes that print stand out and exclusive in its own right.

The feel of hand-finished screen prints is something else – it’s got depth and personality. Running your fingers over one of these prints, you can almost sense the story behind it (now, I'm not saying go and rub your mitts all over your art, don't do that - lol). One of the best parts of hand-finishing is the element of surprise. Sure, the basic design stays the same, but each piece has its own little twists and turns, some expected, some absolutely not. You can't replicate serendipity, and that's what you get.

Why Fall in Love with Hand-Finished Screen Printing?

You’re Getting a Piece of the Creative Pie: Hand-finishing is where my vision gets to fully come alive. It’s the final act, the last layer of magic that turns a cool print into something truly special. Choosing a hand-finished piece means you’re getting a slice of that creative adventure.

Limited Editions, But Each with Its Own Flavour: Like my other prints, these are often limited editions. But the hand-finished touch makes each one in the edition a bit different – like they’ve each got their own personality. It’s not just about owning something limited; it’s about owning something truly unique.

A Keepsake for the Ages: These aren’t just prints; they’re future heirlooms. The mix of quality materials and that personal artist’s touch means these prints are ready to be loved for years – and generations – to come.

Each piece is a reminder of the spontaneous, wonderfully unpredictable nature of art, so if you’re on the hunt for something that’s more than just a visual treat – something you can connect with on a deeper level – take a peek at my prints here.

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