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Choosing Prints: An Insight into Giclée and Screen Printing

I want to share a bit about the printing process because, let's be honest, the way a piece is reproduced matters almost as much as the art itself and the amount of information about what sets different print types apart isn't particularly great. So, with that in mind, let's talk about Giclée and Screen Printing—two techniques that breathe life into my creations.

Giclée Printing

Giclée, pronounced zhee-clay, is a digital printing method that utilises high-quality inkjet printers. This technique originated in the late 20th century and gained popularity among artists seeking a sophisticated and precise way to reproduce their works. This method is great for reproducing original pieces that would ordinarily not be available for reproduction and limited to a one-off. Here are key features of Giclée printing:

Every Detail Matters: Giclée is like the Michelangelo of printing. It captures every intricate detail of my original work with insane precision. The brushstrokes, the color nuances—everything is on point. If you're all about the nitty-gritty details, Giclée is where it's at.

Built to Last: When I choose Giclée, it's not just about today; it's about forever. The archival quality ensures that your print won't fade away like yesterday's news. It's a timeless investment, a piece of my art that's meant to stay with you through the years.

Limited Editions for a Special Connection: I love the idea that my art isn't mass-produced. Giclée allows me to offer limited editions, making each print a part of a unique club. It's like you're not just buying a print; you're becoming a part of the story, and that's something truly special.

Expertly Captured: In order to bring a Giclée to life, the original artwork must first be digitised. This can be executed by either a scanner or by camera. I use a professional service for all my digitisation, ensuring the absolute best capture and reproduction of my artwork.


Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a more traditional method that involves pressing ink through a mesh screen onto a substrate, such as paper, fabric, or canvas. This technique has been in use for centuries and is known for its versatility and tactile qualities. Here are the distinctive features of screen printing:

An Artisan's Touch: Screen printing is my rebellion against perfection. It's messy, it's real, and it adds that human touch. Each print carries a bit of the process, a bit of me. If you want something that feels handmade, screen printing is the way to go.

Colours that Pop: You know that feeling when colours just explode off the canvas? That's what screen printing does. The inks used are bold, vibrant, and demand attention. It's like adding a splash of personality to your space.

Print Anywhere, Anyhow: Screen printing is the free spirit of printing. It doesn't care if it's paper, fabric, or wood—it just wants to create. If you're someone who loves experimenting with different canvases, screen printing is your creative partner in crime.


So, here's the deal. Whether it's the meticulous precision of Giclée or the hands-on charm of screen printing, it really depends on what resonates with you. Each print is a piece of my heart, and I want you to connect with it in a way that feels right for you.

Whatever you choose, know that you're not just getting a print; you're getting a piece of my passion and a slice of the creative journey. Can't wait for my art to find a home with you!

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