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Investing in Original Art: A Personal Message from the Artist’s Studio

Today, I want to share with you something deeply close to my heart – the value of investing in original art. For artists like me, every brushstroke on the canvas captures a piece of our experience, our emotions, and our perspectives. Original art transcends mere decoration; it embodies history, emotion, and a slice of human experience. Investing in original art is more than a transaction; it's an entry point into the essence of creativity.

When you invest in original art, you're connecting with the artist's personal story. Each piece is born from countless hours of thought, experimentation, and emotion. It's a dialogue without words, a silent and profound connection between the artist and you. This connection is unique and irreplaceable; it's a one-off that can never be recreated. The creation period is not just a snapshot of the artist's state of mind at that time; it's an irreplaceable moment captured forever.

A Unique Piece of the World
Original art is just that – original. There is nothing else quite like it in the world. It’s the antithesis of mass production. In a world where so much is replicated and duplicated, owning something truly unique is a rare and special experience. It’s like having a piece of an artist’s world in your home. As much as I love the accessibility of prints, owning an original is something else. You won't get an insight into the world of an artist in any better way than through an original.

The Emotional Investment
Art has the power to move us, to make us feel, think, and see the world differently. When you invest in original art, you’re investing in something that will continually enrich your life, provoke thought, and give joy. It’s an emotional investment that keeps on giving, long after the initial purchase. If you see something and it makes you 'feel', then that is a good step towards making that jump into owning an original. 

The Potential of Appreciation
While the emotional and aesthetic values are paramount, original art also holds the potential for financial appreciation. I suppose this is the money shot that a lot of art buyers look at when they mull over adding to their collection. Over time, as an artist's reputation grows, so can the value of their work. Investing in original art can be a wise financial decision, but more importantly, it's an investment in culture and beauty. What kind of person are you when it comes to investment? Do you have the large funds to jump in on an established artist or do you enjoy the excitement of getting in early and watching an artists career grow - along with your returns.

A Touch of Immortality
There’s something timeless about original art. Long after we’re gone, the art we create and collect continues to live, tell stories, and inspire. By investing in original art, you’re not just buying a piece for your home; you’re helping to preserve a slice of human expression for future generations. Art has long been looked to as a source of historical context and understanding of times passed. When you collect, you, in some weird way, become a protector of art history in some way. It's a funny way of looking at things, maybe a little hyperbolic, but there's some truth there.

WOW factor
Original art has the power to really drop jaws. The level of appreciation of a print up on a wall is one thing but when you have an original hanging proud, that's another thing entirely. There can only be one, and it can only be owned by one. Having this in your home (I hope, rather than a lock up like the oligarchs bulk stashing masterpieces away from anyone), can be a central talking point when you have guests as well as a daily enjoyment for yourself. Again, this can come back to feelings felt when you see a piece of art - if it made you feel that feeling, it will inspire emotion to others too. 

As an artist, every piece I create is a journey, an exploration, and a piece of me. I invite you to explore my collection, to find a piece that resonates with you, think about the feelings you feel (if any, I hope) and how having something like that in your life could impact you positively. Here’s to the art that moves us, challenges us, and enriches our world - I hope to see you become a part of it!

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