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Debut Solo Show Diary: Volume 4 - Letting the fun back in

It's been one heck of a week for making strides. Things are chugging along smoothly and it looks like we've nearly got ourselves a venue for the exhibition – not etched in stone yet, but it’s looking promising!

In the midst of all this excitement, I've been painting like a man possessed, and the fruits of my labour are starting to form a rather impressive haul. Last week, my fingers were on the receiving end of a sanding marathon, but fear not, I’ve devised a cunning plan to protect these digits in the future without sacrificing an iota of well as some happy accidents – stay tuned on that front.

This week, though, painting took centre stage. I won't lie, I had my doubts, especially after the sand-a-thon. The thought of slapping two coats of paint on each sculpture – we're talking a grand total of 1000 coats here – had me breaking out in a sweat. But, armed with my trusty audiobook, 'Mechanicum' by Graham McNeill (shoutout to my fellow Warhammer enthusiasts), I got stuck in. And you know what? It was enjoyable and more 'paintful' than 'painful' - I'll get my coat.

Now, gazing upon the vibrant assembly of nipples, I'm getting a tantalising glimpse into how they'll come together in the final show. There are combinations and arrangements brewing that haven't even been teased or hinted at yet.

With only five weeks to the grand unveiling, you’d think I’d be a bundle of nerves but with the bulk of the workload behind me, the path ahead seems a tad less daunting. Or is it the calm before the storm? Guess we'll find out!

Cheers for popping by – there’s loads more in the pipeline. And hey, if you’re itching to get your hands on something before the big day, swing by my store. There’s a little corner there where you can snag your very own bit of something. See you on the flip side!